Transforming the food system so everyone can access healthy food that is grown regeneratively.


Keeping the
nutrients in the loop

Global nutrient cycling system that is transparent and enables communities to use their own organic resources in the loop.

There is a massive amount of potentially valuable organic matter generated by people and organisations all over the world. Our mission is to upcycle that material into products that help communities to achieve food security through regenerative agriculture that follows nature’s principles.


One massive flaw in the food system regards the distribution of nutrients. A lot of edible food is thrown away when it should reach the ones in need and the unavoidable food wastes are not separately collected and recycled into valuable products for food growers and farmers.


We are creating a circular economy model that helps to capture those nutrients and direct them back to growing food without overuse of agrochemicals. 



How we do this?

Imagine a circular economy model for food waste where the nutrients are kept in the loop. Food scraps are collected, turned into valuable products that support regenerative agriculture and nutrient dense food is grown for the community. In the process, CO2 is sequestered in the soils as SOC (soil organic carbon) which increases farm resilience, food security and thus decreases the dependency on agrochemicals.


It is our mission to make this a reality!


We have created a circular economy model that combines, develops and brings innovation into the following most important biowaste value chains: awareness, collection,  upcycling with product development and regenerative food growing. The model is based on two key factors: context that helps to give biowaste new food related value and cooperation that enables systematic approach. 

Our Team

Let’s meet!

We share the same dream: to change the food system for the better. In the world where all the resources are being wasted, we are determined to change the status quo of the food system. We believe that healthy food is a human right and everyone should be able to access it. Our goal is to inspire people to join our mission to protect our nature and bring food security to communities. We are determined to create value that has an impact for the generations to come.


If you are an expert, scientists, NGO, farmer, just a fan of circular food system or innovative upcycling of organic matter or regenerative agriculture, you are welcome to contact us for cooperation and knowledge sharing. Join our mission to develop and make this innovative model accessible to all the communities in the world.


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